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Founded in 1990, TecMinho is a private non-profit association, having had as sponsors the University of Minho and the Association of Municipalities of Vale do Ave.

Its basic mission is to be an interface of the University of Minho, promoting its connection to society, especially in the areas of science and technology, contributing to regional development by improving the competitiveness of organizations and increase the skills of individuals.

Our quest for innovation and technological development takes place through 3 main lines of action:

TecMinho's Intervention Strategy:

  • Promotion of innovation and development of new technologies / products / processes and their transfer to businesses;
  • Promotion of Continuous Training activities (including e-learning), as well as organizational development and transnational mobility of human resources;
  • Support to the creation of enterprises, with emphasis on academic spin-offs;
  • Kick-start of projects of research / development, as well as guidance in its implementation.
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