Business Idea

Identification of promoters

Characterization Summary of Business Idea

Business field
Maturity of Business Idea

Brief description of Business Idea

Briefly and concisely describe the business idea, indicating the product/service, the mission, stage of project development, potential market and the strengths and weaknesses of the project. [max. 300 words]

Market potential of the idea

Characterize the market potential of the idea by addressing the unmet needs, the size, location and market entry strategy. [max. 300 words]


In which domain is your idea different?
If your idea is a product, process or service, how would you classify it?
If your idea is a technology, how would you classify it?
Differentiating aspects and the competitive advantages of your idea
Briefly explain the differentiating aspects of your idea and the competitive advantages identified (cost, price, innovation, after-sales service, associated services, distribution, etc.) [max. 200 words]


Indicate the main impacts of the implementation of the business idea in society, whether social, economic and/or environmental. [max. 200 words]


Present the team’s motivation to implement the business idea (provide information on relevant experiences and areas of competence). [max. 200 words]


Make a list of the most important investments for the implementation of the idea (human resources, equipment, licenses, marketing,…). [max. 200 words]
Approximate amount of investment needed to implement the idea:
€ (Only integer values without decimals/thousands separators. Ex.: 5000)

Curriculum Vitae

The promoter(s) must send their CV(s) as a PDF file with a maximum size of 3MB (one file per promoter).

Lead promoter
2nd Promoter
3rd Promoter
4th Promoter
5th Promoter


The promoters solemnly declare to have:

  • – read and accepted each and every rule set out in the Competition Regulations;
  • – the ideas and concepts presented in the application are original and come from the contestants who are not subject to any legal or contractual impediment to disclose them to the Organization and the Jury of the Competition, or to apply them to the proposed business;
  • – the proposed business is lawful, and not in any way illicit.

Date: 2020-08-13

The personal data contained in this application shall be treated as confidential, registered in the Discoveries CTR database for future use in the management of the user interface, namely for sending information on initiatives in the field of knowledge enhancement, entrepreneurship and/or training.

The data subjects can, at any time, access their personal information and request, in writing, that it be updated, corrected or eliminated.